Berlin Kreuzberg: Orania Bar

In the center of Kreuzberg, the Orania Berlin serves non-alcoholic cocktails at its 12-meter long corner counter, which are on a par with the alcoholic ones of the luxury hotel.

Limonadier in Kreuzberg

Berlin Kreuzberg: Limonadier

The Limonadier in Berlin Kreuzberg deliberately follows the roots of bartending and welcomes every visitor waiting in front of closed doors in the style of the Golden Twenties. Here you have to ring the bell first.

alkoholfreier Aperol Spritz

Non-alcoholic Aperol Spritz: The No-Perol Spritz

Sunshine makes you want to order an Aperol Spritz. Preferably outside, with the sun on your face and the La Dolce Vita feeling. The good thing about a non-alcoholic Aperol Spritz...

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